Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh FAQ

Q.1:- I am 56 years old. Can I still join this course?

A- Yes. Like Ayurveda Yoga has no age limitations. Any one can learn and teach yoga to others. Recently a gentleman aged 62 years took up Yoga after his retirement and now he is a successful teacher in Tamilnadu.

Q.2:- Is this teacher training course recognized internationally?

Ans:- Yes. We are affiliated with Yoga Alliance, USA and on completion of the course you will receive a certificate from them and you then become an certified international Yoga instructor.

Q.3:- I have no knowledge of yoga. Can I still join this course?

Ans:- Of course yes. This course is designed in such a way that a beginner or some one who has practiced yoga for sometime will benefit from this course. We teach you the fundamentals of yoga which will make you a qualified teacher.

Q.4:- I have some physical problems and I cannot perform all the yogasanas. Can I still join this course?

Ans:- You can still join the course if you are healthy. If you have some problems, physically performing certain yogasanas, it will be taken into account and we will try our best to set you problem right. If not we will teach you other asanas which you can perform. All said and done you will be taught the basics of all the asanas, whether you are able to perform it or not.

Q.5:- What is the course fee and what all does it include?

Ans:- The course fee is $1300 for foreign nationals and 45,000/- for Indian nationals. The course fee includes course content, course materials, decent, single accommodation with attached bath and hygienic and healthy vegetarian food.

Q.6:- What other costs are involved?

Ans:- There are no other costs involved except $1300.

Q.7:- Can you organize pick-up facility from Delhi/Dehradun airport?

Ans:- We have a regular taxi operator who can help you with this. You need to let us know in advance about you r arrival and we can ask our taxi operator to pick you up or drop you. You may pay them directly when you get picked-up or dropped.