Nature and all other things conducive for the evolution of human beings have ways and means to sustain themselves and in the process creates groups who can be it’s torch bearer. That’s how treasures of yore from all corners of the world have been preserved and still available for people who look for them . Yoga is one such thing which has survived itself for thousands of years now. Given to the world by rishis of lore this wonderful way of living has always evoked keen interest among the seekers.We feel blessed that we as a group have been chosen by the Almighty to spread this great science of living to fellow human beings. It is with this understanding and with this humility Yoga Vedanta Trust has been incorporated.A wise man had said: “It is possible to count the number seeds in an apple. But you can never comprehend the number of apples in a seed”.

Today we are sowing the seeds and it is going to spread far and wide all over the globe. This is the vision with which Yoga Vedanta Trust has been started.

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